Township Office Location

                                                                     8555 Kalamazoo Avenue, SE
                                                                           Caledonia, MI 49316

office map

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Regional Geographic Information System (REGIS)

Aerial photos, bus, road and other information is now available to residents through the
REGIS Public Internet Mapping System, an agency of the Grand Valley Metro Council.



Click a link below to access a Parcel Finder, Park Finder, or Cemetery Finder map:

Hope Network Bus Service Area Map

  • Hope Network Bus Service Area Map gr smallpdf

    *NKTS in Gaines Charter Township is funded in part by the Kent County Community Development Department with a Community Development Block Grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development


Prairie Wolf Park Map

Precinct Map

Township School District Map

Snowplow Map

Gaines Charter Township has contracted with a private company to plow some of the major arterial sidewalks. This PDF map shows which sidewalks will be plowed for the 2017/2018 season.  This contracted plowing is done as a courtesy for our residents after a "snow event" which results in an accumulation of two (2) or more inches of fresh snowfall.  Sidewalks clogged as a result of county or private party road blowing does not constitute a "snow event".  Ultimately, the property owner/tenant is responsible for snow and/or ice removal.  Click here to read the Township sidewalk ordinance.


Township Street Map

Zoning Map