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Take Care of History!

The past can become a vital part of the present!  The term preservation means to retain and maintain objects in their best possible form.  Through the preservation of historical documents, photos, and buildings; and the recording or oral histories, the past can shape the future.

The Gaines Charter Township Historical Society strives to develop an awareness of local history, encourage the preservation of our sites and memories whenever possible, and to provide assistance with genealogical research.

In Gaines Charter Township, this preservation of history is being achieved by:

  • Maintaining the DeTray School as a hands-on museum which can be used by organizations and individuals to make history come alive.  Learn more about the History of DeTray School at - Gaines Township Historical Society preserves one-room schoolhouse.
  • Identifying local historical buildings or sites and to encourage their preservation, either physically or in memory.
  • Gathering and maintaining local historical records.


  • Designation of the Cutler House as a State Historical Site
  • Survey and documentation of Centennial Farms in Gaines Charter Township
  • Continued restoration of DeTray School
  • Survey and publication of local church history
  • Ongoing research involving pioneer families and historic homes in Gaines Charter Township

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How Can you Help?

  • Support the Historical Society with your time, energy, and donations.
  • Identify your talents and volunteer!  Opportunities include:
    • Interviewing and taping oral histories
    • Cleaning,mowing and general maintenance of historical sites such as DeTray School
    • Maintaining records and files in the local history room
    • Helping with special fund raising events
    • Attend Meetings
    • Add you input and ideas


Mail your check, made payable to Gaines Township Historical Society, along with the membership fee ($7.00 for Individuals and $10 for Family), your name(s), address, phone number and Email address to:

Linda Crumback
2508 100th Street SE
Caledonia, Michigan 49316


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