Gaines Charter Township Millage Rates


The Treasurer’s Office is in charge of collecting and disbursing all monies coming into the Township offices. Taxes are paid at this office,however the vast majority of tax dollars collected go to other governmental institutions. Only about 3% actually stays in the Township to supply all the services the Township provides. 

Police protection is contracted through the Kent County Sheriff Department, and the Township pays for it. Fire protection is also the sole responsibility of the township.  Our roads are maintained by the Kent County Road Commission, however any work done on them is paid in part by the Township. Our sidewalks, bus service, Go! Bus and Hope Network service, parks, inspections, planning and zoning and many other services are provided by the Township. Quite a bargain for only 3% of your tax dollars!

Below you will find a chart with the 2017 millage rates. They are printed here for your convenience. Actual tax bills may vary from these rates due to special assessments or delinquent utilities. Generally, however, you can take your current taxable value (which is listed on your tax bill or assessment notice, divide it by 1,000 (move decimal point 3 spaces to the left) and multiply that amount by the appropriate millage rate for your parcel to get the tax liability on your parcel. 

NOTE: The winter rates are not yet complete and may be used only as an estimate of the future winter tax bill. If you inquire around the area, you will find that Gaines Charter Township has one of the lowest tax rates in the county. We work tirelessly to keep it that way. So far we have been able to provide all public safety services from our general fund, but with declining Revenue Sharing from the State of Michigan, and our quickly growing community’s need for more services, there may come time when a public safety millage will have to be implemented. All our neighboring communities have fire or public safety millages or special assessments.

2017 Millage Rates 2

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