Rob DeWard

Robert DeWard

8555 Kalamazoo Ave., SE
Caledonia, MI 49316
616-698-6640 Ext. 116

Kim Triplett
Executive Secretary

The Township Supervisor is frequently the first official contacted about Township business.  The authority of the Supervisor is limited to that provided by State statute or by the Township Board.

As Township Supervisor I have certain statutory duties:

  • Moderate Board Meetings
  • Secretary to the Board of Review
  • Township's Legal Agent
  • The maintenance of all records of the Supervisor's office
  • Development of the Township Budget
  • Appointment of various commission members
  • Overall management, direction & coordination of the Township Office operations and activities
The following duties are representative of day to day responsibilities.  Most of the committee meetings are held in Township facilities.  I also represent the Township on a few Boards or Commissions that meet in other locations, with most meeting on a monthly basis.  Serving on the following committees helps me stay abreast of the many issues that affect our Township on both the local and state level.

  • Building and Grounds Committee
  • Cutlerville Fire Committee
  • Dutton Fire Committee
  • Grand Valley Metro Council 
  • Insurance Committee
  • Parks and Recreation Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Township Board ~ Chair
  • Water and Sewer Advisory Committee
As Supervisor, I maintain an open door policy.  It is an honor to serve  and represent you.  I welcome your comments, suggestions; and yes, even complaints.  Please feel free to stop by the Township Office, call or email me.  I value your input.
Ext. 116