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Assessing Department Business Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM

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The Assessing Department is responsible for the inventory of all property within Gaines Charter Township, and the valuation of all the Township's taxable property. They maintain records of current ownership, assessed and taxable values, property characteristics and market data.  The Assessing Department follows the requirements of the General Property Tax Law of the State of Michigan.

In addition, the Assessor is responsible for ensuring that every resident who qualifies, receives a Principal Residence (Homestead) Exemption.  Property transfers  are also reviewed to determine whether or not a transferred property should be uncapped.


The staff of Gaines Charter Township's Assessing Department is well educated, experienced and happy to be of service. Staff name, title, and contact information is listed below for your convenience. All phone calls and email inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours.  You do not need an appointment to meet with the Assessor.

Megan VanHoose
616-698-6640 Ext. 129

Wendi Huston

  Assistant Assessor
616-698-6640 Ext. 115

Karen Gehrls
   Assessing Clerk
616-698-6640 Ext. 118

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Did You Know?

Taxable Value, assessment, Principal Residence Exemptions; the assessing system is quite complex.  We've compiled a list of quick facts to help you understand the assessing system.  If you don't see the information you need, feel free to stop in or call us.

  • Annual changes of assessment are based on sales in the neighborhood.  There are over 60 neighborhoods in Gaines Charter Township.  Your neighborhood rarely consists of just the homes on your street.
  • Your taxable value can never exceed your assessed value.
  • Principal Residence Exemptions that are in effect January 1st each year, stay in effect for the calendar year.
  • The June 1st and November 1st filing deadlines for Principal Residence Exemptions applies to new applications only.  You do not need to reapply each year.
  • A property Transfer Affidavit must be filed whenever real estate is transferred.
  • The Assessor is not permitted by State Law to set your new assessment at one half of your purchase price.
  • It is your responsibility as a taxpayer, to review your property record card periodically to be sure you agree with all the information that is currently on record.
  • The Assessing Department staff is available Monday thru Friday from 8:30AM - 5:00PM.  
  • Our public records are open for inspection during normal business hours.

Applications and Forms

Facts and Figures

Have you ever wondered how many properties there are in Gaines Township; or about the sales we use to determine your assessment? Follow one of the links below for some statistics from the Assessor's office:  


Aerial photos, bus, road and other information is now available to residents through the
REGIS Public Internet Mapping System, an agency of the Grand Valley Metro Council.
Click on the logo below for details:
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Please click here to access a Gaines Charter Township parcel finder map.

Tax & Property Information

We have provided a link to BS&A software so that you can look up information pertaining to real property, special assessments, tax payments (current and history), water and sewer  accounts, and building permits. Please click  here to be redirected to the BS&A website.  

State of Michigan Forms

Most application forms and permits are in PDF Format  gr smallpdf  and require the FREE Adobe® Acrobat® Reader available from the Adobe website.
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